Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday!!!

I did not get to walk yesterday because our meeting started at 12:30.  Who schedules meetings at 12:30???  Morons do.  Oh well.  I went to Zumba last night.  I think that it was the first time in almost 3 weeks that I had been back to the gym.  Oh how I loved it!!!  I wish that the classes weren't so big, because I cannot see what the instructor is doing.  I know that I looked like a fool because there was a completely new routine and I did not know it.  I was falling all over myself, but that's ok. I loved what I was doing, I was having a good time, and I was sweating (which is important).  It's funny how I enjoy moving so much.  I can't seem to move slowly - always fast.  Hopefully I will make it to tonight's class since I had 4 chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A today (darn Andrew!!)  Ugh, they feel like bricks sitting in my stomach. 

Emma.  Emma, Emma, Emma.  Emma got home from school around 3:15 yesterday afternoon and her only homework was to write notes for three chapters in her Science book.  After 4 hours of her working on it she still only had 1 chapter finished.  Mind you, these are simple notes, nothing elaborate; one to three sentence summaries.  What had she been doing all of that time?  According to her she was doing her homework.  "Really!  I was!!" 

When I came home from Zumba I started cutting up vegetables for our salad when I saw her running around in the back yard and jumping over various obstacles.  Aha!  I figured out what she had been doing.  I went to the back door and she saw me.  She called out "Hey momma, watch me sprint across the yard!", after which she took off, pony tail flying behind her.  Then she trotted over toward the house and showed me the hurdles she had made using various things, like the hose container.  She is an athlete, I'll give her that, but she still has to get through school - which I reminded her as I made her come back into the house.  Poor thing was up until 10:15 working on those damn notes.  I wish that she did not have to do homework.  Her mind needs to have free time during the day where she can daydream and run. 

The baseball roster for the Legion ball team was sent out yesterday.  Very, very disappointing.  I will definitely post about all of the wonderful problems with baseball at some point in time, but I guarantee it will be very long and consist of several posts.  Back to the Legion team roster.  Derek was listed as one of the Senior team players, of which there are a total of 14.  Derek plays 1st base.  There are five First basemen listed on that roster.  Derek would do nothing except sit the bench if he plays for that team and I would be out $250.00.  I'm so sick of how things are done in this county.  I wish that someone would have the balls to actually make some changes but everyone is so afraid of being put on some "black list".  Amazing how much whining and crying goes on, but nobody wants to man-up.  Guess it takes a woman to push a man.  I told Frank that his priority today is to find an 18U team for Derek to play on.  When he called me and told me that there weren't any others I said "make one".  We totally could!  The church would probably be more than happy to sponsor a team.   Oh well, in a year's time this will not even be relevant as my baby boy will be getting ready for college.

I think that I am going to not bring my laptop home this weekend.  As with my eating, I have also made a fresh start with my attitude toward work.  I have to do what is best for me and put me first.  Taking an actual lunch break four times within one week is like a record for me!!!

OK, so the plan is Zumba tonight, I'll make something with ground beef for dinner, and then early to bed so I can pick up Derek from school at 3:30 tomorrow morning.  I'll let you know how is all goes tomorrow.